All Are Contained In Void

Over the recent past I have been subjected to several occurrences of death in its physical and metaphorical forms. These moments of loss have led me to think about death in a paradoxical way; that is acknowledging death through not thinking about it. I wanted to portray naturalistic objects in their truest forms to see if they could exist in the realm of nothingness, just as is.

However, through my investigation, I have come to understand that my discoveries are unconsciously about the exploration of loss through time and space; what we project is usually a piece of the self suppressed or denied.

Through the use of triptychs my work is exploring the idea of distinguishing time in three segments; creation, destruction, and rebirth; the past, the present, and the future; memory, attention, and expectation. They have grown out of the ephemeral qualities of my materials and sources. They are delicately and intimately bound through timely execution, but also through a quiet exasperation in a vulnerable mindset of a perceived transition of experience transmuted by traces of nature at its purest. All of these images depict a certain type of loss: a loss of living, the passing or loss of time, and a loss of memory. It has become about the exploration of space, and how these enriched objects can occupy them, but also how people interact with these created areas through understanding (their own) essential bareness.

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